Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

Was it me, or did today feel even more Monday than usual?

At any rate, today I experienced the flip side of last week's Arbus quote, as many of the pics I took today weren't what I was hoping for. But a few came out okay enough to share.

An icicle on our office building that's just about made it to ground level:

A branch of the Battenkill that winds through town, taken from one of the bridges crossing it:

And a shot of the mountain in a rare sunny-ish moment:


  1. Love the Misty Mountain!

    I must ask, did you by any chance walk through a wardrobe to find that Frost Giant of an icicle?

    These are all wonderful, Sara, although I really can't imagine anything that cold.

  2. Gorgeous! I especially love the Battenkill pic.