Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello grayness, my old friend

I realized today that in the two weeks I've been taking posting photos, there's been exactly one truly sunny day. As my brother likes to say, that just ain't right. Besides all of the usual downsides for anyone dealing with so many gloomy days, it seems like coming up with photo ideas is even more challenging when the light and landscape rarely change.

So, I fear today's photos aren't a particularly inspired bunch. First up, a tree branch against what passed for our midday sky:

Part of the trunk of the ancient Austrian pine on the museum's front lawn:

Finally, the upper-left corner of a bookcase in the museum's gift shop. Basically I went around the shop taking close-up shots of various things, and this was probably the best of the bunch:

1 comment:

  1. I like the branch - very Japanese woodcut. The tree looks like a fairy-tale illustration, kind of Rackhamesque, and I like the bookcase corner with all the interesting textures.

    You have a fine eye for detail, in case I hadn't already mentioned it.

    I'm really enjoying your photos, and look forward to them each day.