Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here there be dragons... or tow trucks

This morning before work I swung back up by Kelly Stand Road to take a photo of the sign posted just after you start up the mountain. It cracked me up when I saw it the other day, and decided I should share the fun:

At lunchtime I drove around town for a bit. I took these two photos on a private road up past my dentist's office:

And this was taken over on the other side of town:

As of tomorrow I'll be heading over to my parents' place to hang out with Kaylee while they enjoy their annual vacation in Kauai. So there'll likely be a lot of dog pictures gracing this blog over the next few weeks. Consider yourselves warned.


  1. That sign is a hoot! But could help some folk out who are slaves to their GPS, so that's good.

    I really love the red barn. Did you have to tweak that all in Photoshop to get the vibrant color?

  2. From what I've read, that sign is a necessity. I do hope it gets read.

    The red barn in the white snow is especially lovely - I could see it as a holiday card, or a poster.

  3. Hilarious! And so evocative of the practical New England personality. Cracked me right up.

    That barn! What vibrant red against the white snow!

    Seriously, if you don't blow these up and frame them. . .. I couldn't think of the photographer whose work these brought to mind, but I remember now: Ansel Adams. Your photos would look great displayed. Really.

  4. I've actually updated the barn photo, as I didn't realize it'd gotten a bit over-corrected. Now it's more like what I originally saw—I've just toned down the blue and brightened it up a smidge.