Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can't brain today: I have the dumb

Since at the moment my brain is having trouble with the whole concept of stringing nouns, verbs, articles, etc. together in ways that make sense, I'll just get right to the visuals.

These were taken of the stream running right behind our administrative building. I know I just did the ice thing last week, but I couldn't resist being able to get so much closer to the water this time around:

I almost didn't include this one, but I thought it came out kinda interesting—I was positioned almost directly above it:

Naturally, about an hour after I took the river photos the sun finally came out for a while. So I decided to take a momentary break from my laser-like focus on work and stepped out the back door to grab a few more pics. This was my favorite of the second batch because of the contrast between the branches in the close foreground, the lamp, and the background trees:


  1. Laser like focus, uh huh. Not only are the ice formations pretty, but the water swirls around them are pretty cool too.