Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Water fall

Although it was beautiful outside today, circumstances prevented me from being able to get out and take pictures until fairly late in the day. In fact, the sun was almost below the horizon when I got back to Arlington, so I knew my options were getting more limited by the moment if I wanted to try and photograph foliage. I finally decided to head up East Arlington Road to see if anything caught my eye, figuring at the very least I could continue up Kelly Stand Road and take a stab at photographing the Roaring Branch again.

However, as it turned out I was able to get some river shots a bit closer to home. I stopped by this spot again when I noticed a bunch of leaves scattered along the rocks and thought, "Well, that's not too bad..."

Using my backpack to help stabilize my camera, I even managed a few decent shots with the aperture dialed down; as I've noted before, there's something about that water motion blur I just can't resist:

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