Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Close calls

My folks invited myself and my grandmother over to their place for dinner this evening, so I headed on over right after work. As we all relaxed and chatted out on the back porch, trying to soak up as much of the warmth and sunshine as we can before the inevitable onset of cooler weather, I ended up sitting about a few feet closer to the water fountain than usual. Luckily for me and my photographic aspirations, the Chickadees didn't seem to mind my proximity too much, enabling me to get some nice close-ups when they came in to grab a drink:

Hanging out on the large bush growing next to the porch:

A couple of action shots that didn't turn out too badly:

Generally speaking, the Titmice seemed much more leery of approaching the fountain while we were all sitting nearby, but eventually one got daring (or thirsty) enough to risk it:

Some echinacea blossoms, just to mix things up:

And, of course, Kaylee:


  1. I don't always remember to post a comment, but I always enjoy your photos.

  2. Kaylee, being the noble dog as usual.