Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Esa Met Kaylee...

Today started out looking like a normal picture day. I stopped by to have breakfast with Mom this morning, and while I was there I took some shots of the usual suspects—like the hummingbirds:

A gray squirrel:

A Goldfinch:

And a Purple Finch:

When I left the house I had about 75 pictures in my camera—a nice, reasonable number.

Then Mom brought Kaylee by the office to meet Kim's dog Esa. And by the time they'd worn themselves out, I was looking at 500+ images. Good thing they're so cute...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these next two shots, which are in sequence—I could take a thousand more images and probably wouldn't capture their strides so closely in synch:

Kaylee does love to elevate:

All I could think when I saw this one was "I vant to suck your blood!":



Things got really interesting when they realized they also had a pond to play in:

"Mom? A little help?":

"Well, at least he's leaving my ear alone..."

Because we've gotten so little rain this summer, the pond's water level was fairly low. Which meant the banks were very, very muddy:

Kaylee's not squatting here—that's how far into the mud her legs sank. I don't even want to know how long it took Mom to clean off the car seats...

That's Esa on the left trying to figure out how to play and swim at the same time:

I loved the curl of Kaylee's tail in this shot as she shook herself off:

A little while later, and after another dip in the pond, I managed to capture both of them shaking water off at the same time:

I got a kick out of how both dogs' ears are pointing up in this one:

Enjoying the sunshine:

One more run for good measure:

Time for treats:

And getting one last sniff in before Mom took Kaylee home:

Needless to say, going through all the pictures took a little while. But all in all, it was totally worth it. At least to me, anyway—Mom and Kim may feel differently, given they both ended up having to give the dogs baths later in the day...


  1. Oh, the caninity! Those are great action shots, and it looks like a lot of fun was had.

  2. I haven't been here in a long while. You're photos are definitely pro-quality. Awesome pics, all the way around, but you know I'm partial to the doggies.