Saturday, September 25, 2010

Food fights

As has happened so many times this year, me at Mom and Dad's + birds at the bird feeder = a bunch of photos. So, as usual, I'll just get right to it.

The Goldfinches were definitely feeling feisty today, to the point where seeing them sitting there eating peacefully became the exception rather than the norm:

Maybe they were trying to work out the proverbial pecking order?

A White-breasted Nuthatch and a Chickadee taking advantage of a rare finch-free moment on the feeder:

A Hairy Woodpecker:

I liked how this Mourning Dove looked against the dark background of trees:

We saw a young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at the feeder again today:

There also seemed to be a lot of warbler activity; Mom and Greg believe they saw a Black-throated Blue Warbler earlier in the day, and Mom, Dad, and I saw at least two other types as we sat outside this afternoon. I'm not 100% certain what kind this particular warbler is, but after going through my bird book my best guess is that it's a Cape May Warbler:

A male Black-throated Green Warbler:

And a female of that same species:

It is with a heavy heart that I report these geese were indeed headed due south when I took this photo:

Kaylee's buddy Robby, a bit worn out from the walk he'd just been on with Kaylee, Mom, and his two people Colin and Pauline:

And, of course, the girl herself; I love it when she sits there and practically poses for me:

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