Monday, September 6, 2010

Roaring along

There's not much of a narrative behind today's photos: I drove a ways up Kelley Stand Road around mid-afternoon, found a place to park along the Roaring Branch, carefully made my way down the bank, and started taking pictures

For these first two shots I played around with the aperture setting in order to produce that blurry whiteness where the water was flowing:

A couple of reflections I thought were interesting:

I'm pretty sure this plant, which was growing abundantly along the edge of the river, is White Wood Aster:

Looking up through some trees:

A couple more river shots, also taken at a higher aperture setting than would normally be the case:

And, just because I was curious, the previous shot in black and white. You'd think it'd be easy to turn a good color picture into a good black-and-white image in this digital day and age, but strangely enough the results I've gotten when I use Photoshop to remove the color from an image usually leave a lot to be desired. But this time around I thought the black-and-white version came out pretty well, so I decided it was worth sharing here:

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