Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scattershot 3: Water World

And finally, with part 3, I bring yesterday's crazy to a close. If you haven't checked them out yet, part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

This group of shots are of birds either on or in the water fountain on Mom and Dad's back porch; as will become evident, the increased shutter speed that worked so well to capture birds in flight didn't disappoint when it came to bath time either.

First though, a photo of a Blue Jay I took early on in the day; Greg was watching the bird when I was taking this (and other) shots, and neither one of us remembers ever seeing its head in this position:

A reflection that I really liked:

A Junco taking a bath later in the afternoon:

Loved how you can see a feather flying loose in this shot:

They're so cute when they're all puffed up:

Time to dry off:

A Titmouse that stopped by shortly after the Junco flew off; although it tested the waters, it chose not to bathe on this particular occasion:

"Seriously, dude, if you splash me one more time..."

"Okay, that's it: I'm outta here":

I really liked how the big splash of water in the middle looks as if it could be the bird's tail:

Done for now:

Seeing a Titmouse, a Goldfinch, and a Chickadee on the fountain at the same time was definitely a first for me:

Down to two:

Another reflection shot I really liked:

A pair of Goldfinches checking things out:

I like how it looks like the one on the left is dipping its toe in to test the temperature:

A somewhat soggy Titmouse:

And finally, a Chickadee shot I couldn't help but save for last:

Thanks for bearing with me through all 57 photos I ended up posting. Just don't expect the same later on when I go to tackle my official Sunday post...

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  1. I loved every last one of the 57 (!) photos, but don't wear yourself out doing that again, please!

    By the way, when are you going to submit some of these to Birds and Blooms? They're as good as or better than their published photos, seriously.