Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ruling the roost

It was back to birds for me today—a trend that'll likely continue through the weekend, as I'm going to be at Mom and Dad's hanging out with Kaylee and Molly while my folks and my aunt and uncle are in Maine for a few days.

This morning I'm pretty sure I saw more Chickadees visit my feeder over the course of a half hour than I'd seen the entire time I've had it up. Naturally, such an occasion called for photos:

And a couple of action shots as well:

Ever since Monday, when Yoshi told me he'd seen a Blue Heron working the casting pond for the past few days, I've spent my days at work periodically looking out windows in hopes of spotting it. To add insult to injury, what prompted Yoshi to mention it was seeing the heron perched on the rail of the bridge that same day—approximately five minutes after I'd left for lunch. Naturally, there'd been no sign of the bird since then. Until today, that is:

Some things are definitely worth the wait.

Over at my folks' house this evening, I managed to get a couple of pictures of a Canada Warbler as it flitted about in the branches of the blue spruce:

But the highlight of my time there was most definitely getting to photograph this juvenile male Hummingbird while I stood only a few feet away from the feeder; I was lucky enough to get some really nice detail in a number of the shots I took, which made me a very happy camper:

Coming in for a landing with his tongue at the ready:

I included this one because I really liked how you can see the adult feathers scattered over his back:

Enjoying a moment of rest:

And, of course, the obligatory Kaylee picture; I suspect she's resting up in anticipation of Molly's visit:


  1. Those are wonderful, especially the hummy coming in for a landing. Emily is much impressed with your work, too.

  2. If you post any more pictures like that fifth one I think I'm going to become addicted to heron!