Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back in the old neighborhood

The witching hour draws near and there are many pictures to follow, so I'm just going to jump right on into the good stuff.

A couple of shots of a Goldfinch working his way through some Black-eyed Susans; his plumage is no longer the same vivid yellow as that of the Goldfinches I've photographed over the course of the summer, a sure sign that cooler weather is on the way:

After chatting with a very nice older couple while I was seeing what Whimsy Pond had to offer, I decided to head over to Howell's Swamp for the first time in a few months; they told me they'd just seen some Great Egrets there, so I figured it was worth a shot. I was not disappointed:

The banks of the pond are still lined with tall reeds and other plant growth; I took those pictures of the bird in flight while I was on top of my car, and in fact was standing upright in order to have a clear line of sight. Fortunately for me and my car, when that particular egret settled down again it did so in an area I could see from the only place along the shore where the greenery isn't taller than I am:

I liked this one because you can see the bottom of the bird's right foot:

As with the first time I saw a Great Egret, the water was calm enough to produce a fairly clear reflection; I chose the majority of these shots to share because I liked the effect created by the mirrored image:

I'm pretty sure the egret is scarfing down a fish in this shot, in large part due to the suspicious bulge in its neck in both this and the subsequent image:

Looking for a new fishing spot:

I liked the effect of the curved branches (at least, I'm pretty sure that's a partially-submerged dead tree) paralleling the curve of the egret's neck:

The Great Egret wasn't the only waterfowl I saw while I was at Howell's today. I never got a truly clear look at or photo of the grayish bird I could see moving around in the same general area as the egret, but I believe it's a Green Heron:

I even managed to get both birds in the same frame, although it was purely by accident:

And just a couple more reflection shots to close things out:

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