Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crow's feet

As much as I enjoyed watching and photographing the dogs yesterday, I hadn't been awake for more than two minutes before I'd decided that I'd be keeping my photo count well below the century mark today. Not to mention we were in for another hot and humid day here, so minimizing the amount of time I'd be outside seemed like a solid plan.

Luckily for me, a butterfly landed in the parking lot at work to warm its wings in the sun just as I was about to get out of my car:

As I was photographing the butterfly I heard a very familiar bird call behind me—a Kingfisher had decided to stop by and check out our pond. Naturally, I turned around just in time to see it fly into the trees along the water's edge. I slowly walked forward a ways, hoping to catch a glimpse of it, but no luck. So I went back to my car, got the rest of my stuff, and headed on inside.

Not wanting to give up quite yet, after I dropped my bag by my desk and got my computer going I slowly opened the back door and slipped outside. Unfortunately, I never did catch sight of the Kingfisher again. However, while I was standing there a crow landed in the top of a pine tree not too far away; since over the course of the year I've actually taken more pictures of Kingfishers than of crows, I figured it was a decent trade:

I liked how well you could see the crow's claws in this shot I snapped just as it was taking off:

And for whatever reason I just enjoyed how this one came out:

With that, I called it a day photo-wise. And in case anyone's interested, my final image tally was 48. Took much less time to go through when I got home. ;)


  1. Oh, lovely butterfly!

    I have a soft spot for crows; they're what got the daughters interested in birds, after Lemony Snicket put messenger crows in one of his books.

  2. Cool! I love the clarity with which I can see the crow's claws as well. A much maligned bird becomes majestic in the lens of your camera.