Friday, September 3, 2010

Freaky Friday

I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but tonight I had dinner at Mom and Dad's and yet managed to make it home with less than 100 images to download. Trust me, I'm as shocked as anyone. But the songbirds were fairly mellow (except, of course, when we were eating—it's like they're just waiting for my hands to be occupied with something other than a camera), the hummingbirds rarely parked in one spot long enough to even try for a picture, and I think Kaylee is still recovering from the other day. So, just a few photos from me again this evening.

To start things off, a Chipping Sparrow sitting on the edge of the water fountain:

A hummingbird checking out an echinacea blossom:

I chose this Chickadee shot because I liked how sharp its reflection came out as well:

When I caught sight of this view as I was driving home from Mom and Dad's, I immediately pulled off onto the shoulder, grabbed my camera, and leaned out my window. I wish I could have found a way to avoid having the power lines in the shot, but I'm definitely pleased that I managed to capture the colors I saw:

Kaylee, looking regal as ever:

Finally, I thought I'd leave you with a laugh courtesy of a magnet I saw today on the side of a car—one that I happen to know belongs to a psychiatrist:

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  1. Hee! I'm serious, about the quality of your pics. Your birdie pictures are stunning. Ever thought of publishing them? Kaylee looks great. Such a beautiful chocolate coat!