Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday assortment

It's late, there's a lot of pictures, and my brain has already gone into shutdown mode. So there probably won't be a lot of words to go along with these photos, all of which were taken as I sat out on my parents' back porch this afternoon.

A bee with its head deep in a blossom:

I just liked the way this one came out:

One Goldfinch taking wing as another faces off with a Chipping Sparrow:

The sparrow appears to be asking the finch to feed it:

I'm pretty sure that's a female Purple Finch on the right, but I chose this one because of the interesting coloring on the Goldfinch to the left:

There are two Goldfinches on the Japanese willow in this shot—a male sitting on the topmost branch in the frame, and a female with her wings outstretched as she tries to gain her balance down and to the left of him:

A few more Chickadee close-ups for you:

And a Titmouse taking its turn at the water fountain:

Finally, a bunch of Kaylee photos to close things out, starting with a shot of her keeping close watch on Greg as he husks an ear of corn:

"Why are you throwing it on the ground instead of giving it to ME?!"

She absolutely loves to tease, clearly hoping to entice us into playing with her:

Loved her expressions in these next two:

Speaking of teasing, Greg thought he had the upper hand here...

But Kaylee was happy to prove him wrong:

A picture-perfect pose:

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