Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yup, more birds

I'm sure that one day soon I'll be sick of taking bird photos. However, today was not that day.

A Titmouse posing for me:

I didn't realize it until I'd zoomed in fairly close to check the image quality, but in this shot you can see the bird's tongue poking out to taste the seed:

Coming in for a landing:

A White-breasted Nuthatch working on its hummingbird impersonation:

I'm not quite sure how it managed it, but this Chickadee is holding a seed stacked on another seed in its beak:

I'm pretty sure I caught the one on the right as it was about to take off:

Shifting from the top right rung to the middle left:

I just liked the way this one turned out:

Over at Mom and Dad's, this Titmouse reminded me more of a penguin than a songbird when it was all puffed up like this:

I thought this came out rather cool, although it would have been even better if I'd gotten the entire reflection in the frame—I'd just shifted my focus over from the feeders to the bird bath when I shot this, and thus didn't quite have everything lined up yet:

A White-throated Sparrow:

This Chickadee was checking out its surroundings before taking the plunge:

And finally, a couple of photos of a different Chickadee as it took its own bath a while later:

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