Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quiet Saturday

An evening spent enjoying a great meal with my family and some good friends has left me in one of those digestive stupors where you can barely muster enough brainpower to change into pants with an elastic waistband, much less try and put coherent sentences together. Which is why I'm going to keep this brief: between the busy parking lot this morning and snow squalls this afternoon, visitors to my bird feeder were few and far between. So I brought my camera along to my parents' house, as we'd made plans to carpool to the restaurant, and managed to take a few pictures there before it got too dark for outdoor photography.

A Junco searching for seeds in a patch of grass it'd just cleared off:

Puffed up against the cold:

And a Chickadee on the thistle feeder:

Finally, a photo of Kaylee; for whatever reason, she decided to sequester herself behind the couch for most of the afternoon, and while she did emerge briefly to say hello when I arrived it didn't take her long to squeeze herself back there once again:

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  1. That is a hibernating dog, that is. Nice bird photos, too.