Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday with the birds

Quite a few pictures today, so I'm just going to get right to it.

A Titmouse about to crunch down on a seed:

Apparently this Titmouse didn't like the taste of the first seed it grabbed:

A big score:

I caught this Titmouse just as it started to take off:

A few shots of a Goldfinch that spent a fair amount of time on the feeder this morning:

Welcoming a Chickadee to the feeder:

Watching another Chickadee come in for a landing:

But apparently that Chickadee felt like three would be too much of a crowd when a second Chickadee tried to join them:

This Chickadee snagged itself a pistachio:

And then kept a close eye on this bird as it approached the feeder:

Taking off with its pistachio while the second bird is otherwise occupied:

I'm pretty sure this is a female White-breasted Nuthatch; the wing tips aren't as colorful as I've seen on other nuthatches, and the stripe on its head is a bit gray:

By comparison, this bird's head stripe is solidly black, its shoulder feathers are a more vibrant slate-blue, and the wings have a lot more color along the edges. So I'm pegging it as a male White-breasted Nuthatch:

Another male nuthatch grabbing a bite to eat:

Finally, I took this photo of a male White-breasted Nuthatch during a rare moment of sunshine this afternoon; I loved how the light brought out the color of his visible eye:

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