Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another birdy Saturday

I apologize if all the bird photos are becoming too boring or repetitive. But I honestly get a kick out of taking them, and after 10 months I was definitely ready for a break from going out and searching for things to photograph every day. ;) I promise I'll try to do my best to keep them as interesting and varied as I can.

And with that, on with the show...

A White-breasted Nuthatch on my feeder; I chose this one both because the positions of the claws caught my eye and because I thought the coloring came out really well:

A nuthatch moving from the post to the feeder:

I liked how well you could see its tongue in this one:

What can I say? This one's definitely a one-in-a-million catch:

The sun was a bit higher in the sky when I took this shot, giving the nuthatch a more golden glow:

A Titmouse eyeing the feeder:

Looks like someone needs a bib:

Over at Mom and Dad's, a Titmouse peeks its head out of the mesh feeder:

Even though you can't see the Titmouse's head, how could I have resisted posting this one?

No need to adjust your monitor; this Chickadee, photographed in the bright afternoon sun, is indeed hanging upside down:

I took this one to try and capture the Chickadee grabbing some suet, but after I downloaded the image I was more intrigued by the hole in its tail that suggests it survived a close call with a predator:

As is their custom when winter approaches, Mom and Dad moved the thistle feeder and its post from the edge of the woods and situated it next to the blue spruce–there's something about not needing to use snowshoes just to refill a bird feeder that's very appealing. It makes their lives easier, and the Goldfinches and other birds certainly don't seem to have any problems with the relocation:

I loved the lacy shadow on the finch on the upper right side of the feeder:

Loved the symmetry of the Titmice in this one:

A few Chickadee reflection shots:

And finally, Kaylee, who obviously enjoyed being out in the sunshine on what was an unseasonably warm day for us:

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  1. I don't think I'll ever be tired of your bird photos, each one is unique.

    Kaylee is, as always, a delight.