Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feed the birds

Given that over the course of the day today my next-door neighbor put up four bird feeders and a suet cage about 15 feet from where my feeder sits, it'll be interesting to see how much traffic I get at mine moving forward. Here's hoping these aren't some of the last good close-up photos I get to take from the comfort of my living room...

Love the little feather tuft sticking out of this White-breasted Nuthatch's chest:

A couple of Chickadee action shots:

The male Purple Finch was flying solo when he visited my feeder today. Happily for me, he hung around long enough for me to get a few quality images:

A lucky shot that includes the debris spray created when the bird crunched down on the seed:

You've got a little something stuck to your face there, dude:

A look at some of the trees across from my apartment in the afternoon light:

Finally, I'm incredibly grateful that I just happened to get up and head for my kitchen when the sunlight was created this cool shadow/light effect:

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