Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday action

Apparently the birds decided to make up for their absence yesterday by putting on a show for me today, so I'm going to jump right on in to the good stuff.

A White-breasted Nuthatch getting settled on the feeder:

I got a kick out of this one because I somehow managed to catch the bird just before it finished swallowing a sunflower seed:

A lucky shot of the nuthatch shifting on the perch:

And getting its balance back:

Taking off, food in hand beak:

A couple more wing shots:

And this time around I'll let the nuthatch have the last word:

A Titmouse sharing space with a pair of Chickadees; it's not often I have three birds on the feeder at one time:

A close-up shot of a Chickadee:

I almost didn't post this one, but then realized it provided a somewhat uncommon look at a bird's wing joint:

Look Mom—no wings!

Loved the detail on the wing feathers in this one:

A few shots of some Chickadees chasing each other around and off the feeder:

Finally, a shot of a Chickadee as it moves from one perch to another:

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