Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

For the second straight morning I didn't have a single bird visit my feeder, and then a few hours later it started to rain. So today's post features just a few photos, all taken out behind my office building during my lunch hour as I tried to keep my camera from getting too wet.

Raindrops on pine needles, photographed when I sought cover under said pine tree as the rain started coming down at a fairly good clip:

The rain eased up after a few minutes, so I ventured out from beneath the tree to photograph a few other trees as well. While it was my intention to get a shot of the water collecting on the broken tip of this branch, as I could see the clear reflection of my office building, I did not notice that the image was mirrored within the drop as well:

In this last image, you can easily see one tree branch reflected in the foreground droplet, and upon closer inspection can make out the shapes of other branches as well:

The cool thing, though, is that when you look closely you can also see those two raindrops in the background of my photo clearly reflected, albeit upside down, in the raindrop I was focusing on:

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