Thursday, November 4, 2010

And now for something completely different

That's right—today's post does not involve birds of any sort. Instead, I thought I'd share some photos I took at the office for one of my coworkers. At our boss' request, he painted some vignettes on a few items that were purchased at an antique show a while back, as having original artwork on them elevates the pieces (which are by no means either rare or extremely old) from nice to truly special. Even though he's appeared in photos I've posted on this blog in the past, the painter asked me not to mention his name. So that's why I'm being all vague about it.

On a completely unrelated note, did I ever mention that I only have one male coworker?

Anyway, on with the good stuff. He painted these first vignettes on the three blank sides of an old grain bucket (the fourth side already featured a company logo, which he left as it was):

These next two were painted on a child-sized wooden chair. First, the image on the seat:

And a fly he painted on the rung that spans across the top of the chair:

Finally, a library/reading chair now sports these last three vignettes. First, the image that's on the front of the chair's back (ie the side you see before you sit down):

A fly he put on the narrow rung just under the chair's back:

And finally, the image that's on the back of the back, as it were:

By the way, he knocked all of these off over the course of the last week to ten days. Amazing, huh?


  1. Beautiful art, and great photos. Are they going in the museum?

  2. I believe at least one or two of the pieces will be going in the auction of a fundraiser we're doing on Saturday, if not all three. Whatever doesn't end up in the auction will be sold in the gift shop.