Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red and blue

Hey, whaddya know? More bird photos! I know, I know—try to contain your surprise...

A Red-tailed Hawk I spotted on my way to work this morning:

If I'd been thinking more clearly—or at all—I'd have found a way to photograph it from my car. But the only thing going through my brain was wanting to hurry and get some pictures before it flew away. So I got out, started snapping away, and then realized I should probably get myself on the side of the car that wasn't right next to the road. Naturally, the hawk didn't like that and took off. The photos I got of it departing didn't come out all that great, but I liked how you can see the distinctive color of the tail in this one:

When Yoshi returned from working in the museum gallery this afternoon, he immediately reported that a Blue Heron was once again visiting our pond. It was about the same time as the sighting on Friday, taking the switch from DST into consideration, and equally as overcast, meaning the resulting images are again somewhat dark. But it wasn't any more concerned about my presence today than the bird we saw on Friday was, so I was able to approach close enough to get some decent shots even with the slow shutter speed. Better still, this time around I even remembered to be sure the reflection was entirely in the frame. Most of the time, anyway:

Stalking the water's edge:

Even though the bird's head isn't in focus in this one, I think in this case the blur makes the photo a little more interesting:

I'm pretty sure it managed to catch something, especially when I saw these next two pics. I'm just hoping that's a frog in its throat and not one of the fish we just restocked the pond with...

Some reflection shots I thought came out pretty well:

And one last close-up for the road:

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