Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woof. Woof woof. WOOF.

Today's post title courtesy of Kaylee.

When the two of us went outside a few minutes ago, I was wishing I knew more about taking nighttime photos; the sky was crystal clear and filled with stars. But for now I'm more than happy working in the daylight, especially when the morning sky is equally cloudless:

On our way back this morning, ever-vigilant Kaylee refused to let a stick longer than she was get the better of her:

As usual, when I was home at noon I threw the rubber stick for Kaylee to chase after. Despite the fact that I was standing about 4 feet from the bird feeder, my presence didn't deter this chickadee from getting its lunch:

Tonight my aunt and uncle were kind enough to invite me over for dinner, and while I was there I took a photo of my uncle's burgeoning tomato plants. Since I'll be baby-sitting them for a couple of weeks later this month, it'll be fun to be able to track their progress:

And as always, we'll let Kaylee have the last word:


  1. I particularly love the moon caught in the trees. Kaylee continues beautiful, as always.

  2. I agree with Anne - the moon one is particularly nice. And I think this is my favorite picture of cutie Kaylee so far. - Cory (aka, the better half of C and C)

  3. Seeing Kaylee's ice beard always makes me chilly. Brrr! But I love seeing her wrestle those pesky sticks.