Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where's an energizer battery when you need one?

Today was one of those days where it feels like you're on the move from the moment you hop out of bed—probably because I had to be somewhere at 8 a.m. So our morning walk was rather abbreviated, and didn't leave me much time for photography.

I did take a few shots as we went along the trail, including this one of a snow-covered tree not far from where we started:

This reminded me of a cross-section of an ant farm:

With this one, I just thought the crisscrossing branches made for an interesting visual:

Sneaky Kaylee is sneaky:

And adorable Kaylee is adorable:


  1. I'm running out of superlatives, so how about

    OOooooooohhhhh and aaahhhhh.

    Really lovely, Sara!

    Adorable Kaylee is indeed adorable!

  2. @ Anne D

    As always, you are far too kind. Thank you.

  3. The "ant farm" photo is way cool. The last photo of Kaylee is wonderful, what a great dog!!! What a good photographer you are!!

  4. Kaylee is the perfect subject, isn't she? Photogenic in the extreme. I like the pattern on the tree trunk. Must have been caused by some insect. Cool!