Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting the cold shoulder

I gave Kaylee a bath about an hour ago, and she's still not speaking to me. Here's hoping all the covers are actually on the bed when I finally turn in for the evening later on.

Just a couple of pics today. It was gray and overcast this morning, so I turned my attention to the trees and rocks as Kaylee and I walked through the woods. The different colors and textures of this fallen tree trunk caught my eye, and I'm going to try to remember to check it out again on a sunny day just to see if better light brings out any other interesting hues:

I liked the contrast between the white fungus and dark gray bark on this tree:

And, of course, today's Kaylee pic:


  1. You have a good eye for the small details, Sara.

    And I want to give that Good Dog Kaylee a pat and a biscuit. What lovely eyes she has!

  2. Pretty bark patterns! I agree with Anne, you have a good eye for this.

  3. More great photo compositions! Nicely detailed and well balanced.