Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whoops. May be going a bit overboard here...

What with posting 10 photos two days in a row and all...

When Kaylee and I got up this morning we discovered it was snowing—the kind of huge, fluffy, well-defined flakes that would have made Snowflake Bentley swoon with happiness. As we were walking I let a few land on my glove and took some pics as close up as the camera would allow. A true macro lens would've likely garnered me some awesome photos, but I don't think this one came out too bad:

During breakfast I noticed a male cardinal in the rhododendron just off the back porch, and was lucky enough to snag this shot:

As Kaylee and I were out walking in the early afternoon, I spotted this and thought the contrasting colors of the different layers of wood made for a nifty visual:

No idea what kind of plant/weed this is, but I liked how it looked against the side of the old sugar house we walk by every day:

A graceful bend at the base of a tree:

In the area directly behind my parents' house I noticed this large tree fragment sticking out of the ground like a lawn dart:

I got Kaylee to come over and sit next to the shard of wood to help provide a better sense of its size:

A couple of close-up photos of a tree trunk:

Finally, a photo of Kaylee taken this morning when it was still snowing at a pretty brisk pace:


  1. You have such an eye for detail, and the snowflakes, wow.

  2. Fun photo of snowflakes. Ditto Kaylee. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to photograph "right in our own backyards" and how amazing tree trunks are and what interesting photos you take every day.

  3. Great job getting the snowflakes! Such a clear pattern came out. And, who can resist a cardinal in the winter? Nicely done.