Thursday, February 18, 2010

The usual suspects

Kaylee and I were back to our established routine this morning, and I think we were both much happier for it—she got some good exercise, and I had time to ease a bit more slowly into the whole being awake thing.

Two pictures I took during our morning jaunt, starting with a dead pine tree that looks (to me, anyway) like it'd be at home on a horror movie set:

An interesting bit of fungus that's rather far up on the tree for a change—well over my head, in fact:

I noticed this unusual icicle formation outside the museum around lunchtime:

There was quite the variety of colors in the clouds as the sun set this evening:

Kaylee taking down another tree branch this morning:

And later demonstrating she's just as skilled at dealing with a rubber stick as she is with a real one:

Time to see if she needs to go out before I settle in to watch the Olympics...


  1. They should have winter Olympics for dogs. Kaylee could take the gold in the snowy stick wrestling competition. -- The Charmingest C

  2. Love the photo of the icicles. The long one shaped like woman's boot is very cool.

  3. You just know if you looked at the horror movie tree at night, there would be blinking golden eyes peaking out through the holes. Very cool!

  4. Icicles rock. I remember when I was a kid they were clean enough to eat. It was great. I'm not sure I would take the same chance now, but they are great to look at. Nice photos. Again. :)