Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six more weeks of winter?

Now there's a shocker.

In other news, Kaylee and I had an interesting experience during our walk today—we heard some coyotes barking and howling just after we started heading for home. No matter how many times I hear it, it's still a pretty unnerving thing to experience. Thankfully, Kaylee was more than willing to stay close to me as we made our way back, so no worries there. But as I was focused on walking steadily and not losing my footing, I didn't really do a lot of photographing for a good part of our journey. However, I did manage to get this shot as I stood on the back lawn before Kaylee and I set off:

Once I got to work I spent part of my morning taking photos of this reel for use in a future auction catalog. It was built by noted reel maker Stan Bogdan, which means this little beauty is worth more than $1,000:

Finally, a double dose of Kaylee cuteness. The first was taken shortly after she stole my spot on the couch, the second when she later rested her head against my leg to indicate she wanted to go outside:

I swear she spends the time no one's at home practicing and perfecting these expressions...


  1. She is soooooooooooo cute! I think you are right. She practices. If the household mirrors have doggie nose spots you know that's what she's doin'. ;)

  2. Oh, those eyes! Canine mind control at its finest!

    That first photo is gorgeous, and I want that reel! I don't fish, and I still want it, it's a shiny thing of beauty!