Sunday, February 7, 2010

The weekend's over already?

Wow, that went by fast...

Another relatively quiet day here at the house (I say "relatively" because Kaylee is currently barking at who knows what from her spot on my parents' bed). We had a dusting of snow here overnight, which made for a nice visual at the river when I took Kaylee out for her morning walk:

I snapped this one around lunchtime; if I'd known I could take this decent a bird picture through the sliding glass door I definitely wouldn't have sat outside for quite so long yesterday:

And a couple of Kaylee to close things out:


  1. Kaylee is too cute for words!!! What a beautiful and expressive face.

  2. Don't know if Kaylee is sleeping or scratching her back, but I love that pic. And the red cardinal under cover in the basket weave of branches is lovely.

  3. Your bird photos are really great! My dad would have loved them. And, Kaylee on the couch. I wish I was a dog. . ..