Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy accidents

As I uploaded the photos I'd selected for posting today, I realized they all had something in common: they all arguably came out better than the picture I'd been trying to take.

I'd certainly describe this first image as the result of intent and dumb luck. Intent in that I was trying to capture the color and texture of the bark; dumb luck that the mossy tree behind it, which I didn't even notice, ended up providing such great contrast:

More dumb luck—this chickadee moved just as I took the photo, giving me a nifty action shot:

When I got home this evening it was snowing pretty hard. As I was throwing Kaylee's rubber stick for her to chase, I thought I'd see if I could get a picture with some of the falling snow in focus. So I did a focus capture on one object, then took the actual picture with the lens aimed at a different spot where whatever was in the frame was further away. It didn't even remotely work. But fortune once again smiled on me, as I still ended up with an interesting picture anyway:

And of course, Kaylee. I took the first one this morning as she stood on the back porch gazing at something out in front of the house:

And one taken inside a few minutes later, when Kaylee was so eager for me to put the camera away and give her her treat already that she climbed up in a chair and alternated between staring at me and pawing at my pocket:


  1. Kaylee looks like one of those Japanese photos taken with a fisheye lens - The Dog.

    You really should think about using some of your lovely winter landscapes as cards.

    That chickadee action shot is wonderful

  2. Love, love, love the trees and the blowing snow. Neat chickadee movement too. And, you know what I think about Kaylee and her adorableness of being.

    OOOh! Good idea, from Anne.

  3. Wonderful photos. I think my favorites are the pine tree (fun shape) with "snowing & of course kaylee gazing at something only she knows what it is.