Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watching the birdies

I was feeling fairly lazy today, not to mention fighting a headache. So for today's photographs I grabbed some warm clothes, pulled up a chair on my parents' porch, and waited for the birds to get accustomed to my presence so they'd return to the feeder.

First, a couple of shots of a downy woodpecker:

A titmouse:

A chickadee taking advantage of the bird bath on the porch; it's still got a drop of water on the end of its beak:

And a cardinal:

Today's Kaylee pic was taken shortly after the cardinal came in; she and Greg were returning from their walk, so I snapped this as she came over to greet me:


  1. Oh, wow. These are marvelous, Sara!

  2. I love the bird pictures and the dog, too!