Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gray skies again

But I can't really complain, as we've had a nice run of sunshine for the past week or so.

I didn't really get the chance to do much photography today; I had an 8 a.m. appointment, and wasn't able to get myself out of bed early enough to take Kaylee for a proper walk first thing. Instead we went for an abbreviated walk at lunchtime over to the stream, and I took this first shot on the way there. The trunk itself is dead, and in fact isn't even as tall as I am. But what caught my eye was the fungus growing on the trunk, so that's what I zeroed in on:

This Kaylee pic as taken on the way home, as she wrestled with yet another suspicious-looking branch:

And finally, I managed to capture this image of Kaylee when she stopped to sniff a particularly interesting spot just off the trail:


  1. Nicely done of the fungus. Detailed and sharp.

    And, Kaylee. Sweet!

  2. Good to know you're safe from errant branches and twigs.