Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland 3: This Time It's Personal

Guess what it did here overnight? Yeah, the subject line kind of gives it away. The good news is that it was an unbelievably picturesque snowfall—I could have closed my eyes and shot pictures at random and still gotten gorgeous results:

Kaylee was as interested in this fallen pine branch as I was, so I had to work fast to get the shot I wanted before she managed to dislodge the snow:

A bit of fungus that also caught my eye:

Later on in the morning I noticed a lot of blue jay activity around the feeder, and managed to snag a shot of this trio:

The downy woodpeckers were my target here, so capturing the departing titmouse was a nice bonus:

When I was refilling the feeders this morning (prior to taking those last two photos), a chickadee landed on the house-shaped one as I put seed in the other not a foot away—I'm not sure which of us was more startled. Afterward I decided to go back out with my camera and stand in the same spot, just to see if I could get lucky again. Naturally, it started precipitating again about 5 minutes later. I'm not sure how long I was out there either listening to the birds come close and then fly away or watching them land on the other side of the feeder (I could almost hear them saying "neener neener neener:), but eventually a couple became daring enough to alight where I could see them. This one was even obliging enough to stay for more than a half-second, giving me a chance to get some very nice shots:

The texture of the snow around my parents' place caught my eye when Kaylee and I were out at lunchtime. I have no idea what atmospheric and temperature conditions combined to produce it—all I know is I thought it was pretty interesting:

Finally, since I took this at 10 a.m. I consider it proof that it's hard work having to supervise me while I'm out taking pictures:


  1. Lovely photos, Sara! Your comment about closing your eyes and taking pictures at random reminds me of this classic SNL video:

  2. Wow! Your bird pictures are really looking good. The blue jays are particularly beautiful but those chickadee stills are amazing. Beautiful contrast between the black of the branches and the snow and the granular snow with the bluing of the shadows is very evocative. Nicely done.

  3. Fantastic! Especially love the birdhouse one.

  4. Delightful bird photos and of course miss kaylee taking a nap.