Friday, February 19, 2010

My own personal turn-down service

It was gray, overcast, and spitting snow this morning, so the majority of today's photos were actually taken at midday when the sun was out for a bit. Kaylee and I had walked up into the woods a little ways to stretch her legs, and on our way back this grouping of branches and shadows jumped out at me:

As I threw the rubber stick for Kaylee to chase after our walk, I ended up standing only about 3-4 feet away from the bird feeder. Some of the chickadees, however, were daring enough (or hungry enough) to come in for a landing anyway:

Finally, today's Kaylee selections. In this one, she's dealing with some bark that had fallen off a dead tree—after all, you can never be too careful:

Yesterday's Olympic coverage ran a little long, so I didn't call it a night until about 12:30 a.m. When I walked into the bedroom, this was the sight that greeted me:

I quickly realized that since it was after midnight then the photos I was taking counted toward my Friday collection, so I could go ahead and post them tonight along with whatever else I shot during the day. Which was good, because by that point I didn't have the mental capacity to turn my computer back on, much less compose a blog post. Kaylee, of course, could have cared less one way or the other:


  1. Awwwww, what a good dog! She was warming the bed for you (and making sure it didn't escape).

  2. The chicadees are so cute! I love feeding them in winter, but they sure are hard to photograph because they don't hold still long!

  3. @spellingqueen81

    No, they certainly don't—we won't talk about how many photos of blurry chickadees are currently sitting on my hard drive. ;)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. Great chickadee pictures! My dad would have been very impressed. And, Kaylee is so helpful! Turned the bed down for you and got it all slept in and ready. :D