Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kauai 2012: Birdapalooza

Another bunch of bird photos today, so once again I've picked a sampling for posting.

To start things off, a bird I'd never noticed during my previous stays on Kauai, yet ever since sighting my first Pacific Golden Plover on Sunday I keep seeing it everywhere—including this morning on the front lawn of the house my folks are renting:

A quintet of Zebra Doves:

A Zebra Dove coming in for a landing on the lanai railing, joining one of its brethren and a pair of Java Sparrows already enjoying their breakfast:

A group shot of the foursome:

Loved the head tilt:

Not my best photo ever, but I liked the way the sun backlit this juvenile Java Sparrow's wing:

A couple of close-up shots of a juvenile Java Sparrow I took later in the afternoon; it was a pretty daring little thing, coming close enough to where Greg and I sat watching that I actually had to zoom out a bit to keep it in frame:

Perhaps emboldened by the younger bird's successfully surviving its proximity to us humans, a pair of adult Java Sparrows soon joined it:

Another bird I saw for the first time yesterday—a male White-rumped Shama:

Moments after taking the above photos of the male, I saw my first female Shama. After flitting around in the greenery at the edge of the lawn, she ended up perching in the same plant he just had. Naturally, it made perfect sense to use those particular shots for her blog debut as well:

And a Mejiro to close out today's photos:

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