Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kauai 2011 day 8: Webs, Waves, and Waterfowl

Day 8 didn't involve any field trips on our part, but I had absolutely no problem finding things to photograph right where we were staying. A morning walk along the paths between the various vacation units led me to stumble upon this spider web, beautifully backlit in the morning sunshine:

A slightly closer look at both the web and the delicate veins of one of the leaves it's attached to:

One final close-up of the web:

Of the wave photos I took during the day, and that number was not small, this is the one that ultimately caught my eye as I went back through my pictures. It's not what one typically thinks of when imagining a wave by any means; in fact, it looks more like it folds in on itself rather than breaking when the wave reached its apex, but I really like the lines on both the top of the wave and in the trough it folds into:

In these last two, I especially love the lines that curve along the top of the wave:

Don't ask me how, but in the afternoon I was standing on our balcony and managed to spot a small bird working along the shoreline. At first I assumed it was a sandpiper of some sort, but after spending the last several minutes researching to figure out what kind of sandpiper it might be, I'm now leaning toward this being a Wandering Tattler. If someone else can make a positive i.d. one way or the other, don't hesitate to let me know:

On the hunt:

Lucky catch of the bird with a drop of water on the end of its beak:

Sorting through the sand:

And hustling out of the way as a larger wave comes in:

Finally, I just thought this was kind of pretty:

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