Friday, January 6, 2012

Kauai 2011 day 7 part 2: Spouting Horn

After our visit to Waimea Canyon, we swung into Poipu to visit another of Kauai's most-photographed spots: Spouting Horn. Here, as it says when you click the link, when the surf hits the shore it's forced through one end of a lava tube and out through the other in spectacular fashion, creating water spouts that can reach 50-60 feet in the air.

Anyone who knows me or follows this blog has undoubtedly already guessed that I took a boatload of pictures of various water spouts, cranking up the shutter speed to try and capture the action as best I could. Timing it properly in order to photograph a spout from start to finish was tricky, as not every wave hit results in a geyser, and in the case of the sequence I've chosen to share I didn't start clicking away until things were already underway. However, while other photos did catch the entire spout from first moment to last, this is the only sequence I took that gave me three spouts for the price of one.

As you can see in this first shot, two spouts erupted at pretty much the same time; the one on the left is emerging from the main lava tube, while the smaller one on the right is from a tube that produces spouts much less frequently (in fact, this was the only time I captured anything notable from that particular tube):

At this point, I was already happy with this series of shots, as the spray from the main spout reached a pretty decent elevation:

As the water from the main tube dissipates, though, you can see a second spout start to erupt right on the heels of the first:

And thar she blows:

Love this one. As you can probably tell, at this point I had to shift the lens slightly in order to try and keep the entire thing in frame:

The water from this spout easily equaled the height the spray achieved after the initial eruption:

One last look at the spout as it starts to collapse:

Cool stuff to both witness and photograph, to say the least.

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