Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kauai 2011 days 3 and 4: more waves

Just a couple of shots from day three of our trip; both were taken at what we call Shell Beach. In this first one, you can see from the shoreline why we chose that particular name:

And a look down the other way, back towards where we were staying:

Another day, another sunrise. But, seriously, how was I supposed to resist the photo op of the rising sun, the crescent moon, and that solitary star?

A lucky, lucky capture of some sun beams:

I intentionally framed this one so the sun was positioned right behind the palm tree, just to switch things up a bit:

I should have yelled down and thanked this couple for unwittingly posing for such a classic shot:

My first Egret sighting; as you can see, I was peering through a plant for this shot, and I like the way it ended up framing the bird:

A couple of photos of the Egret after it moved off a ways, undoubtedly hunting for geckos:

Another day, another beach, another try at wave photography. In this one, I was trying to capture both the variety of water colors and how you can see the sand being pulled up into the wave as it reached the shore:

I caught this wave as it was in the process of rolling over:

Finally, I'm pretty sure I crouched down a bit to take this shot, getting a slightly different angle on these waves as they came into shore:

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