Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kauai 2011 day 5: Lumaha'i beach

Before I launch into today's smorgasbord of wave pictures, a shot I took of the beach just a little ways down from where we were staying; I intentionally framed it so the curve of the line of rocks helped highlight the curve of the shore:

One of Kauai's largest beaches, Lumaha'i beach, is also one of its most famous, as it played host to Mitzi Gaynor while she washed that man right out of her hair in the movie South Pacific. In fact, the last three ocean shots I posted yesterday were taken at one end of Lumaha'i beach, something I'd honestly forgotten until I was talking about it with my mom this evening. Today's photos are from the other end of Lumaha'i, a stretch most readily accessed via a short walk down from the a highway pulloff. On this occasion, I also took a few photos on the way down, including this look at some of the greenery to either side of the trail:

A look at the many warning signs that greet you upon arriving at the end of the trail:

One of my favorite things to photograph in this spot is the plumes of water created when the waves hit the large rocks along the shore:

The surf was particularly strong during this visit, creating lots of chances for interesting wave pics. This particular sequence was one of my favorites:

When the wave line finally made impact with the sand, the resulting plume was quite impressive:

A look at a rock outcropping on the shoreline:

Another epic plume off a pair of rocks:

A look at one of the rocks post-wave; I really love the contrast of the white foam and the black volcanic rock:

A double hit:

A couple of wave shots that caught my eye because of their interesting shapes:

This large wave coming in caught both these ladies and myself by surprise; as you can see by the other tracks in the sand, there hadn't been any water that far up the shore for a few minutes at least:

My other favorite wave sequence of the day. Although I didn't catch the water breaking, I did capture one of the largest water plumes I'd ever seen that was a result of impact with sand alone:

Finally, I liked this one both for the wave shapes and the streaks of sand you can see across the length of the crest:

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