Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yet more bird photos

Sorry—I'm severely lacking in post title inspiration this evening...

I stopped by on my way home tonight to say hello to Mom and Dad, and ended up staying for dinner. And we all know what that means: more pictures than I know what to do with.

To start off, a few shots of some Chickadees on the water fountain:

You can tell they're still in the last stages of molting—this one has a feather that's on the verge of being dislodged where its tail and body meet:

I laughed when I saw the hummingbird bustin' a move in the background of this shot:

The hummingbirds definitely love perching on the Tiger Lilies:

A Chipping Sparrow announcing its presence with authority. Or calling the kids to dinner—I'm not sure which:

An inquisitive-looking Purple Finch:

This bird... I'm honestly not 100% certain what it is. I know I identified a similar bird as a Yellowthroat earlier this month, but when I was researching I discovered that that bird was actually a Canada Warbler (and yes, I was anal enough to go change it on the post in question). However, this bird has bars on its wings, which the Canada Warbler does not. So my best guess is that this one is a Magnolia Warbler. But don't quote me on it:

Two Song Sparrows checking each other out:

I don't know what it is with me and spider webs lately, but this time I almost walked right through the darn thing (situated in the corner of the canopy Mom and Dad set up on the porch) before I noticed it:

And another plethora of Kaylee pictures for you today, starting with a shot in which I don't think she could look more regal if she tried:

Helping with the corn husks does have its dangers:

"Psst! Hey Mom... you gonna eat that?"


Such a cutie pie...

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