Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great afternoon

After work today I decided to drive over to Whimsy Pond, just for a change of pace. It was pretty quiet when I got there; I could hear and see a Kingfisher flitting around across the post, but that was about it. So I started photographing various things that caught my eye, just to make sure I at least had something to post when I got home:

I had just taken the above picture and was on the verge of calling it a day when a big white bird flew past right in front of me. I sprinted up the road (well, given how out of shape I am it was more like an ambitious jog), doing my best to keep it in sight, and was incredibly happy to see it land at the other end of the pond. Turned out it was a Great Egret:

As it worked the edge of the reeds, I kept edging as close as I dared. The resulting pictures aren't great, as I was still a good distance away, but I really liked how clear the egret's reflection was in the relatively calm water:

Shaking out its feathers:

I loved how the reflection of the reeds on the right of the photo ended up looking like a circle:

Taking off:

Wheeling around:

And some in-focus shots I managed to get as it flew back by: