Friday, August 6, 2010

My bubbles

Earlier today Mom called to see if I wanted to stop by after work this evening. She and Dad had invited Melissa and the boys, Jared, Nathan, and Kyle, over for dinner, as my cousin Mike is out of town for the weekend—my folks figured she could use a bit of a breather from having to watch all three of them by herself.

By the time I arrived at the house Mom was already busy making bubbles, much to the amusement of the kids. Naturally, I shared in their fascination and delight, and immediately pulled out my camera and started clicking away.

I chose this photo to kick things off because I really liked how the bubble looked against Mom's flower garden:

In this shot you can still see the outline of a bubble that had just popped, as well as the resultant spray of liquid; that's Melissa walking by in the background:

A couple of shots of Kyle, who obviously got a big kick out of watching and chasing the bubbles:

Thought this was an interesting shape:

The late afternoon sun provided the golden hue to this bubble:

Kyle and Jared watching the bubbles go by:

Again, I just thought this was pretty cool:

As Mom created an impressively long strand of bubbles, Dad managed to grab Nathan just before he got his hands on the tray containing the soapy liquid she was using:

Don't you just hate it when the bubble pops right in your face?

Finally, our usual closing shots of Kaylee:


  1. They're all amazing, but the first one is especially magical.

  2. Like Anne said, the first one is magical. It's now my desktop wallpaper.