Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who's scruffy looking?

I swear, the next time I have both breakfast and dinner with Mom and Dad I'm going to make them put the shock collar on me and give me a zap after every 25 photos or so...

Lacking that kind of deterrent, however, I once again ended up taking a truckload of pictures during my time up at the house; it took me about 2 hours to whittle it down to a somewhat manageable number. However, there's still quite a few posted here for your perusal, so without further ado...

Thanks to the morning sun hitting Mom's echinacea plants just right, it almost appears as if this Goldfinch is located in a more tropical clime than Vermont:

This Goldfinch makes for a nice contrast with the purple flower; Mom told me the name of said flower, but that was more than 12 hours ago...

A Redpoll getting a drink:

I think this is a young sparrow of some sort:

Many of the songbirds we normally see around are currently going through the molting process. As a result, when they do turn up they're often a bit scruffy around the edges, to say the least:

A female Cardinal just hanging around:

This Canada Warbler flitted around the porch for several minutes this morning, leading me to get a little cranky when my camera's autofocus had trouble catching up with its movements. Add to that the fact that while the porch was in the shade the foliage around it was well-lit by the morning sun, and you get some tricky photographic conditions. This was one of the better shots in the bunch, and even then I had to use Photoshop to lighten it up a bit:

Later in the day, it came back to avail itself of the waterfall:

This morning I tried to capture some more hummingbird battles, as the spot of choice was the feeder hanging right in front of the sliding glass door. But, again, the morning lighting meant that most of my images featured dark, blurry, sorta bird-shaped blobs in the air around the feeder. However, I decided these two silhouetted shots were still kind of interesting:

Later in the day, sitting outside and with the light in my favor, I got much better results:

I'm not quite sure what that is on this female's beak; what I do know is this shot provides a pretty good look at the bird's tongue poking out of her beak:

Another bird looking a bit ragged around the edges:

Over the course of the late afternoon/early evening, the water fountain on my parents' porch was apparently the place to be if you were a Chickadee. This one stopped to get a drink directly from the source:

I liked this one because of the bead of water you can see in the bird's beak:

While I'm always a fan of splashes, I actually picked this shot for another reason: if you look at its left claw, you can see it that it's emerging from the water but hasn't quite yet broken the surface tension:

Dipping its head under the water:

Taking a quick peek around:

Another foray into the water—I liked that its head was sideways in this shot:

Such fluffy cuteness:

And to wrap things up, our Kaylee shots. To start us off, Kaylee and Dad enjoying their relaxing Sunday morning:

Dad's checking his bird book; I suspect Kaylee's wishing he would stop moving around so she can sleep:

Seriously, how could I resist this pose?

At long last—the chair is all hers:

Finally, I really liked the pattern of light and shadows on Kaylee's head as she gazed out the window:

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