Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aerial antics

As we all know, my having dinner with Mom and Dad usually results in a boatload of photos—and today was no exception. So, without further ado...

A Goldfinch drinking from the fountain on the porch; you can see that his beak is almost fully immersed:

I'm also including the very next shot I took, because I realized that if you look closely you can see the water clinging to the Goldfinch's beak as he withdraws it, the surface tension not yet completely broken:

A Chickadee taking a bath later on in the evening:

Again, the very next shot on my virtual roll—I like how rumpled the bird looks post-dunk:

A Song Sparrow (I believe) perched in the blue spruce:

And now, the reason for today's post title. The hummingbirds were incredibly active while we were hanging out on the back porch, so I decided to try my hand at seeing if I could get some shots of them during their high-speed interactions. Which basically means I put my camera on the action setting, pointed it at the feeder, held the shutter release button down in rapid-photo mode, and hoped for the best. Happily, I ended up with some pretty solid shots if I do say so myself:

This one's pretty blurry, I know. But I liked how you see the male facing off with the bird directly in front of it while another bird hovers nearby:

I liked how all of the birds' wings were extended in this one:

The position of the female hummingbird on the left reminds me a bit of the swallow in the final photo of last night's post:

In other news, Esa has once again been joining us at the office this week; it's amazing how much he's grown since the last time we saw him:

And finally, a couple of Kaylee photos to close things out:

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