Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugar rush

As Mom and Dad were kind enough to invite me over for dinner this evening, I have a new batch of hummingbird photos to share. Although, honestly, I'm amazed I got any shots that were in focus, given that they were all buzzing around the yard like Mom had spiked their sugar water with Red Bull...

I was going to crop this photo in a bit closer, but I liked how you can see the hovering hummingbird's shadow against the screen door.

Landing gear out...

A few more close-ups:

Gotta get to those hard-to-reach spots somehow:

And, of course, we finish up with Kaylee:


  1. Those are amazing. Seriously, you should submit some of your hummy photos to Birds & Blooms, they're that good.

  2. I think your hummingbird shots are the BEST!