Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another epic Saturday posting part 1

You know the drill: I visit Mom and Dad's, I take a bunch of photos, I end up with so many I want to share I have to use more than one post to do it. So, without further ado...

This first part is all about the hummingbirds, which were once again very active the entire time I was there. To kick things off, a couple of close-ups:

The rest are all action shots, but this time it's the feeder just around the corner from the porch that takes center stage:

I'm not entirely sure if those droplets are liquid from the feeder or... something else. I suspect it's the latter:

Yes, this seat is taken:

I liked the symmetry of their positions:

These two are headed in the same direction, which is a bit unusual when it comes to the photos I've taken of hummingbirds in action:

Reverse thrusters are a go:

"You two sort out your differences—I'll just hang out and enjoy my meal"

Landing gear is down:

Looks like he had to slam on the brakes:

Face off:

And a shot that includes your photographer at work:

But wait: there's more! For the second part, click here.


  1. The Elder Daughter asked me to convey her compliments - she thinks these are excellent photos, as do I.