Monday, August 2, 2010


No, the subject line has nothing to do with social networking; once you finish today's post, Google "twitterpated" and I think you'll easily figure out why I chose it.

Today was my final jury draw, and it also turned out to be my last day of jury duty service—of the three trials they empaneled jurors for, I didn't appear on the computer's randomly-generated list for two and was excused from the other. So, one last array of duck shots for the road...

I liked the little streams of water you can see coming from its nostrils:

Because of how dark the heads of these two ducks are, I actually wondered if these were a different type of duck than the Mallards I'd been photographing. But after noticing the usual grouping of blue feathers on their wings, I'm instead thinking that maybe they're juvenile male Mallards starting to get their adult coloring:

A lucky catch when the ducks decided to take off for parts unknown:

This time I spotted the turtle all on my own:

Oh, remember that deer last week that looked like she was either pregnant or had swallowed a bean bag? Yeah, I'm definitely leaning toward pregnant now:

I know you can see part of the chain-link fence in this shot, but I decided I actually kinda liked the effect:

Mom taking a well-deserved break:

Camouflage—you're doing it right:

I really liked this reflection:

And, just for fun, that same branch from the other side of the pond; amazing what a difference lighting makes, huh?

Finally, my fellow Toy Story fans will know exactly why I couldn't pass by this truck without taking a photo (I warped the license plate so as to try to preserve the anonymity of the juror/plaintiff/defendant/witness/employee who was at court today):

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