Friday, August 13, 2010

Peachy with a side of keen

After another busy day at work, I stopped by to visit with Mom and Dad before I headed home. I also once again managed to keep the photo count below the 300 mark without the use of the shock collar, which I figure is definitely progress.

To start things off, a few hummingbird photos. While we're pretty sure we saw at least five hummingbirds around at the same time, the most I managed to get in the same photo was three:

This young male perched on a tiger lily while he monitored the traffic around two of the feeders:

Next, a new bird for you—a Red-breasted Nuthatch. Today was the first time Mom and Dad spotted it visiting their feeders, and hopefully it won't be the last:

A basket brimming over with some of the peaches Dad picked off his peach trees during the course of the day today:

Over the years, Dad's had to walk a fine line when it comes to his fruit trees; he has to leave the fruit on the tree long enough for it to get at least fairly close to being ripe, and yet the longer it sits there the more likely it is that a bird or squirrel will get to it first. Of course, it's inevitable that some of the fruit will end up on the ground, uneaten by birds, squirrels, or humans. But today we learned that even those peaches are most likely still ending up in someone's belly. And that apparently it's Stick Out Your Tongue Week in the animal kingdom:

The mother deer and her fawn kept a watchful eye on me when I tried to edge a bit closer, which is why they're looking straight at the camera in this photo. I also liked this shot because if you look under the mother's chin you can see a peach pit falling toward the ground:

The second fawn rushing to catch up with its mom and sibling:

Yeah, she's definitely digging those peaches:

In this one, both the mother and the fawn on the right side of the photo are munching on some of the fruit:

And again with the stuck-out tongue...

When I once again attempted to move a bit closer to the deer, this fawn most definitely noticed:

I couldn't have asked for a nicer pose:

Finally, a few shots of Kaylee in action for you. Here she's got one of her rawhide chews in her mouth:

This is a sequence of photos I took when Mom threw the rawhide to a waiting Kaylee. I know they're not the clearest, but I really got a kick out of them anyway:

Itchy spot:

Happy dog:

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